Today we took a field trip to the Botanic gardens and paid a visit to the Diggers store. This is a fabulous shop that we all recommend you visit if you haven’t already. it was very worth our while to sign up for the two year membership. We bought up a whole lot of seeds that we are able to plant now. Amongst them were, Beetroot heirloom mix, two varieties of Kale, brassicas, Fennel, and herbs. 

Land on Contour

After the large berm of soil was all distributed over the land we measured out some contours and Jock came in and ripped the land on contour. We decided to do this so any rain or water that penetrated into the land would soak further into the soil rather than running down hill (if we were to rip down the slope), this is a passive water harvesting strategy. With the contour marked out we were then able to start working on our first swale!

We proudly sell our produce at Willunga Farmers Market!

What a whirlwind receiving the scholarship was! Heaps of photos and articles all around. Thank you everyone for your support and excitement for us! :)

Gathering Resources

So even before the Willunga Farmers Market Young Farmers Scholarship has been confirmed, Alex and I have been networking with some locals and gathering resources. This is Trudy! what a woman! she gave us a whole trailer load of goodies. Horsey Poo, old beautiful sleeper and some asparagus crowns. Thanks Trudy. We appreciate it!