About The Garden Farmers

The Garden Farmers exist because of the wonderful people behind the Willunga Farmers Market. In early 2014 the market put out the first (of what is destined to be many) Young Farmers Scholarship. We were lucky enough and feeling very blessed to be the successful applicants for 2014. The scholarship has a $10,000 value. $3,000 is attributed to the farming and small business training for the successful applicants and the remaining $7,000 is for the development of the farm itself. 

Jay Kimber

Moving to Willunga was a defining event in jays life. At the age of 11 she played a pivotal role in moving her family down here, and has since reaped the benefits of a vibrant, supportive and flourishing community.

Jay’s interest in growing food developed after finishing high school in 2006. Moving to the city and a trip away to a ‘Students of Sustainability’ conference were keys in the awareness of sustainability and food growing. By 2009, she took herself to Norther NSW to do her Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) with Geoff Lawton from the Permaculture Research Institute (PRI). After completing her PDC, she went on to the earthworks course at PRI and lived and worked as an intern on the farm for another 3 months.  

Since her time at PRI Jay has worked on 6 different organic (certified and uncertified) farms and 7 different farmer’s markets in both NSW and SA. As well as working in garden maintenance and development for individuals Jay has also worked on a Federally funded permaculture project in Wadeye, NT, check that out here http://permaculturewadeye.tumblr.com.

Jay is currently living in Aldinga Beach, making boxes of produce once a week for her local community (www.produceboxes.com.au) and teaching gardening at Christie Downs Primary School.

The opportunity the Young Farmers Scholarship has provide means that Jay will finally be able to start her own growing venture and sell her own produce at her favourite farmers market. 

Alex Steimanis

My name is Alex and I am part of this wonderful collective revolving around organic growth we are co-creating at ‘Clean Slate’/ Our collective maintains an organic farm of heirloon produce in Willunga/Whites Valley, where we provide for the Willunga Farmers market each saturday. 

Myself, Jay, Emmanuel and Aidan have been close friends for a few years now. We have been brought together into a space of abundance in produce and overwhelming support from friends, Family and the surrounding community. Out aim is to connect, provide and shareto all that are willing to accept our love through our work and food! We all need to eat! and it is now that the young generations are taking the world and beliefs into their hands. We extend our passion to all and share the message that Mother Earth provides and nurtures us if we love her back. There is nothing more satisfying than collecting your own fruit and vegetables from your garden which you grew to eat and share. :)

Get healthy! Get Happy! Get connected.