Joel Salatin visits The Garden Farmers

Today was very inspiring! The Willunga Farmers Market and Tasting Australia brought Joel Salatin to our little Farm! I was unaware that we would also be greeting Darren Doherty! Talk about inspirational!

It was to my relief that Joel had heard of the wood chip farming method. He has actually just written the forward for Paul Gauchi’s book on it! he was very supportive of the farming method and liked very much that we were giving it a go! we believe that it is the first trial of it’s type (commercial scale) in the area, maybe even in SA. 

I got talking to Darren about how to help the woodchips break down faster. He explain two type of fungus that would help us to break down the woodchip faster. So this week im buying button mushrooms and throwing them all over the woodchip :) the fungus will eat the woodchip and turn it into plant food faster. 

The day proceeded beautifully with Joel Salatin giving a wonderfully inspiring speech at the farmers market. The crowds were large and very engaged, and the weather was absolutely superb :)

I also attended at 3 hour more in depth lecture from Joel about how he runs his farm Polyface farms. It is amazing and I am really inspired. He gifted us his latest book “fields of farmers’.