Local Growers Collective

Today the Local Growers Collective came and worked on our property. This is a wonderful group of growers, who have been working together for about a year now. Every 6 weeks they choose a location to go and have a working Bee. For two hours they work hard to help the people who property it is reach their goal. Then together we all enjoy a shared dinner and great conversation. At the end of the gathering there is a circle where each person introduced themselves and their specific interested in the field of growing, this way a strong network is created :) 

We are extremely grateful and impressed with the work ethic of these people. They are thoroughly inspiring and passionate. It was truly a blessing to have hosted them. 

If you want to connect with the Local Growers Collect email Stephen Hoepfner on hoffna@gmail.com he will be happy to give you all the information that you need.