Working Bee

Today we had our second working bee. This time the people that came were invited via facebook. It was AMAZING to see who turned up! It was a very mixed bunch of awesome willing helpers. We were totally in shock over how much work we got done together! 

The first job to get under way was to dig out the second swale! This literally happened in 15 minutes! a whole swale about 20 metres long DONE! Then we all moved on to the shaping of the beds that had been drawn out that morning. Everyone was briefed on what to do and BAM…. everyone got right into it and loved the task. It was truly amazing to see the beds just come to life so quickly in front of our eyes. 

Then, after a watermelon break, we actually managed to newspaper and mulch half of the beds that we had just made!!

We then proceeded to have a huge feast together and a lovely circle of friends on the grass. 

THANK YOU everyone who came on the day! Especially Joel Kimber, the best (and hottest) plumber in the world. Your handy work is beyond appreciated. Dont forget to send us the bill! love you.