Happy new year and what's ahead for us.

Happy new year everyone

We want to thank you for all of your enthusiasm and support in 2014. Being the inaugural winners of the Willunga Farmers Markets' Young Farmers Scholarship was amazing. It facilitated a year of learning like neither of us could have imagined. We learnt lots about ourselves and our amazing community. 

In the coming weeks and months you may start to notice changes around our activities, both at the markets and on social media.

We would love to inform you that after our success and the support from the community we are very happy to announce that we are expanding, and taking 2 different directions, introducing the addition of the Clean Slate Produce (www.facebook.com/cleanslateproduce) to the Garden Farmers enterprise!

Alex will be heading up the Clean Slate Farm, farming on the woodchip farm we established on Aldinga Beach Rd at Whites Valley in 2014 and has expanded to other properties around the region. He is concentrating on growing a couple of chilli varieties, zucchini, pumpkin and greens.

Whilst he will still have his produce at Willunga FarmersMarket, he is also selling his produce to a select few local restaurants. He has found a great love for communicating with chefs and bringing them what they need when they need it to feed the masses. His networks have grown rapidly and his zucchini flowers are already famous in the region. 

Jay has established a farm up willunga hill and is continuing to grow her greens, specialising in those that go well in juices and smoothies. She will continue to bring you fresh green juices every Saturday at the Willunga Farmers Market using her farmed produce and fruit from McLaren Vale Orchards and Fat Goose Fruits. 

The Scholarship aimed to create a business for someone in primary industries, and it has exceed itself by being the initiator of TWO! 

We will both continue to farm using organic/ permaculture practices and our two businesses will still be under the one tent at the Market. So come and see us every Saturday and grab fresh veggies and a delicious green juice. 

Love Alex and Jay


Alex saving seed at Clean Slate Farm 


Jays new patch of land at point of first harvest 


New things are both exciting and daunting