Break from market for two weeks

That's it! I'm doing it! It's been such a hard decision because I just love being at the markets. But it's official, I'll be taking two weeks break from farmers markets. 

Saturday and Sunday the 27th and 28th June and the following weekend the 4th and 5th of July, The Garden Farmers market stall will be absent from both Willunga and Adelaide farmers markets. 

The second hardest decision was whether to take this time to go on holiday to a warmer destination, or to stay put and work hard towards longer term dreams. 

Putting the phrase long term dreams into the mix, won that option priority. So, Daniel and I are putting these precious 'obligation free' weeks to work. 

As you will read in my next post, there have been many learning curves with my new plot of land on top of Willunga hill. This farm will not be a sufficient space for growing during next winter. So we are setting up another farm! (I'm going to get really good at this farm set up thing soon) .

The new plot to be started  

The new plot to be started  

The new farm will be on Norman road in Aldinga. I'm very excited to start on this new plot of land and use this land especially for winter crops next year. 

These two weeks will see the initial development of this new plot, the beginning of my first true crop plan (I'm usually all about winging it) and a new face for the market stall! 

So far today has been greatly productive and I'm very exciting about these two weeks and equally as excited about returning to market and launching into the coming spring. 

See you in a few weeks

See you in a few weeks

See you soon.  

Love Jay.